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Eritrea is one of the youngest nations that was reborn in May 1991.

Asmara is the oldest (world capital) city of Eritrea. Education has been a key word to the Eritrean families since Eritrea was occupied .When Eritrea was occupied by Italy there were 30 elementary schools and 5 middle school that opened up.There was also Teacher training schools and more than 100 mission schools were opened up. The British opened 21 elementary schools,5 middle schools and 2 colleges including some vocational and agricultural schools. In September of 1960 there were more than 100 elementary schools(with 35,000 students attending)and 18 middle schools(with more than 45,000 students attending). In Eritrea the population of kids who go to school was only 3 of 8. The first law that wasn’t passed by the new state compulsory was free education for every child between the ages of 3-18.It is one thing to pass such a law and another thing to not. There are three important institutions of higher learning (Engineering and Technology, Science, and New Laboratory). The Eritrean students should be included members of the parliament of Eritrea.